Arduino/PI Training 

Arduino/Pi training


Arduino & Pi Training


Rs. 20,000


1.15 Month

Targeted Groups

Students who are doing their Arduino & Pi level Projects





1st Week : Basic Electronics and Simulation

Day 1

Basic Electronics (Voltage, Current and their type, p type and n type material overview)

Day 2

Close circuit and open circuit, resistor, capacitor, inductor, Diode and transistor overview and their function

Day 3

Half Wave rectifier, Full Wave rectifier and their workout (Theory)

Day 4

Simulation Software and their components, Simulation of open and close circuit

Day 5

Simulation of open and close circuits with voltage current meter position and with different load balance

Day 6

Simulating rectifier, filter and charging circuits (5v, Mobile charger)

Day 7

Different types of automation circuits and their work function open and close feedback circuit


2nd Week : Digital Electronics, IC’s and minor electronics project

Day 1

Implementation of variable output charger using basic component

Day 2

Implementation of fixed 5.1 volt mobile charge using IC chip

Day 3

Basic of sensor and their implementation in real world

Day 4

Starting of project 1st using sensor and electronics, circuit tracing and PCB design proteous

Day 5/6

Testing in Simulation and PCB implementation


3rd Week: Arduino Hardware, Coding and Major Project

Day 1

Finalizing Project first and show down

Day 2

Basic Hardware intro

Day 3

Hello World Programming

Day 4

Sensor data input and out device coding

Day 5

Serial Communication of Arduino and Modules

Day  6

Project Orientation and Initiation


4rth Week: Pi Hardware and Data Interaction

Day 1, 2

Major Project Topic Selection

Day 3

Pi hardware intro and its uses, Pi system installing and running (booting)

Day 4

Real-world sensor data interpret

Day 5/6

Building Project

5th Week  or Last Week: Building a Final Project

Day 1-6

Building a project: Coding, Hardware Design and Testing and Presentation


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