GIS Syllabus

Course: Fundamental of GIS (ArcMap 10.x)

           Cost: Rs. 16,000

           Duration: 1 Month


Part – I : Introduction

1.       Geographical Information System (GIS)


Functional Component


2.       Remote Sensing (RS)




3.       Global Positioning System (GPS)


4.       Basic Components of Map

Elements, Layers

Scale and Representation

Coordinate system

Projection system


Part – II : Fundamental

5.       Introduction to ESRI and ArcGis

ESRI, GIS Architecture


6.       Fundamental of Google Earth Pro.

Introduction, Create My Places, Save Place (KML/KMZ), Save Image(JPEG), Layers

7.       Introduction to Arc Map


Adding Data (shape File, MDB, GDB, Image (Tif, Jpeg))

Basic Tools

Understanding Layers (Check/uncheck), Zoom to Layer

Attribute Table (Field, Edit Data)

Label Features

Properties (General, Unit), Data Frame, Map Scale

Coordinate System

Layer Properties (Data Source, Symbology, Fields)

Definition Query (Select by Attribute, Select by Location), Labels

Export Data (.shp)

Map Scale, Editor, Map Template (Layout), Save project File (.mxd)

8.       Coordinate system

UTM, WGS1984, Grid System of Cadastral Survey of Nepal


Calculation of x-y in Attribute Table

Coordinate Transformation

9.       Geo-Referencing Raster

Google Map, Topo Map, Cadastral Map of Nepal (Grid Sheet), Cadastral Map of Nepal (Free Sheet)

10.   Design Files and Database (Using Arc Catalogue)

Shape (.shp) file, File Geodatabase (.gdb), Personal Geodatabase (.mdb)

11.   Digitizing (Vector Data)

Point feature, Line feature, Polygon Feature

12.   Adding Data in Layer Feature of ArcMap

Google Map Data (KML), GPS Data (GPX), Total Station Data (CSV), Excel Sheet Data (XLS)

13.   Data Conversion




14.   Editing Layer Features


15.   Design Map Layout

Title, Body, Inset, Scale, North Arrow, Legends, Page and print set up

Part III- Analysis

16.   Spatial Analysis

Extract Tools, Overlay Tools, Proximity Tools, Statistics Tools

Part IV – Project  (Must complete in 5 Days)



Training Materials

GIS Software (Esri ArcGis, Arc Map 10.x, Crack Version

GIS Training Data

GIS Softcopy


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